Ways you can fundraise

If you’re not sure where to start, here are some ideas of what you can do, from home, in your neighbourhood, at work, or wherever you may be in the world.

  • Organise a pub quiz - Ask your local pub if you can organise a pub quiz to raise money. We can send you a good sample quiz and give you tips on how to be the best quiz master!

  • Host a movie night -Invite your friends or ask your local pub or community center if you can host a cinema night. You could show a documentary - like Human Flow - to raise awareness about the global refugee crisis - or any other movie to your liking. You could charge for tickets and sell popcorn, lemonade and chai. Our chefs can provide you with some delicious and easy to make recipes!

  • Sell stuff - If you have a wardrobe full of clothes you never wear, sell them online and raise funds while your at it! You can use platforms like Depop, Vinted, Ebay, Asos Market place and Etsy. Just set up your own page, take nice photos of the stuff you want to sell and you’re ready. Don’t forget to mention that you’re selling to raise funds for Collective Aid.

  • Cook for a cause - Invite your friends and family for a nice dinner to raise awareness and money for the crisis. You can use one of our popular Spinach Curry recipe - which we also use for the people we serve meals to in the Balkans - and set up a donation box or charge a fee for joining your exclusive dinner party.  Share photos and videos of your get-together and use the #cookingforacause. Download our recipe here.

  • Sports challenges - Sign yourself up for a 5k, 10k, (half)marathon, triathlon, cycle or swimming competition or any kind of sports challenge to your liking to raise money for us. You can use platforms like Just Giving, Gofundme , Everydayhero or Geef to set up your personal donations page.

  • Birthday fundraiser - Set up a birthday fundraiser for Collective Aid and ask your friends to donate for your birthday. You can use platforms like Just Giving, Gofundme , Everydayhero or Geef.


Previous Fundraisers

Maria made and sold bracelets

After volunteering with us for over a month, Maria went back home and started making and selling bracelets. She raised 490€ - all of which she donated to Collective Aid once she came back to volunteer with us again.

Emma had a Family Fundraiser

Emma Victor Oxley – one of our former volunteers – organised a family event at the Fox in York, England. She raised a massive £972.72 - that’s more than €1200 - for Collective Aid (“BelgrAid” at the time of the fundraiser). Emma's event was a fun day with live music, veggie food and beer, including a magician, musical acts, lemonade stand, fun games, information about Collective Aid, book stall and - our personal favourite - a 'name the chicken' competition!

Svenja ran for a cause

Svenja volunteered with our Sarajevo team for four weeks helping with food prep and street distribution. When she got home she asked friends and family to sponsor her to run a 1/2 marathon, that’s 13 miles or 21km. She made a page on Leetchi, one of the many online fundraising websites available,  where she explained what she was doing, why the cause was so important to her and was able to give updates to everyone who donated. She posted a link to her donation page on Facebook and asked her friends to share it, she raised 1,338 Euros for us!