We regularly visit four camps in Serbia – Kikinda, Obrenovac, Sombor and Subotica – to distribute our quarterly hygiene packs to approximately 800 men, women, and children currently living in these camps. With huge thanks to our partner Help Refugees we have been able to distribute these basic hygiene packs, which include a toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, a towel, three packs of tissues, and two packs of sanitary pads or two razors.

Our aim of distributing these packs is not only to provide basic needs, but also to offer kindness, dignity, and lighthearted social interaction to the people who need it most. Whilst we’re at the camps we organise different types of activities and engage with the communities living there.

We are now taking on all costs for our hygiene distributions. So…WE NEED YOUR HELP!

Each hygiene pack costs €2.50, so for just €10 you can provide packs to four people!

Will you join us in making life in a refugee camp just a little bit more bearable?

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